I was born in Bradford in 1957 and trained at Lincoln College of Art and Norwich School of Art where I studied Fine Art. Initially, a printmaker specialising in etching and aquatint I have extended my repertoire in recent years to include lithography, mezzotints, collographs, linocuts and solar etchings. Each printmaking method has its own particular attributes and qualities that I find appealing.  As a printmaker I am fascinated by the fact that one never knows how an image will turn out until the plate is inked up and printed. Currently, I am exploring the technique of solar etching and working into the plates with a scraper and Dremel engraver to manipulate the images. In addition to printmaking I am a painter and, especially, enjoy painting portraits.

Primarily, I am inspired and motivated by my experiences gained through travelling abroad and recording what interests and absorbs me. I have a strong interest in different cultures. The majority of my work is figurative and representational portraying people, landscapes and architecture. I am interested in capturing the detail in a picture - the texture, shape, form, line and, more recently, colour. The composition of an image is crucial as I am fascinated by the effect of light and the contrast created between light and dark. I like to use light to create drama and effect. My aim is to create a timeless quality in my work, a particular moment in time and to share that with the spectator. I aim to produce images that are serene, reflective and contemplative. 

I live in Dorset and I am a printmaker/painter on a full-time basis working from my studio in Poole. I am a member of Poole Printmakers and the Printmakers Council and exhibit with both groups on a regular basis here in Dorset and London.

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